A Family Business Since 1993

Propane Levac inc. hails from the desire of Jean-Marc Levac, at the time owner of a small agricultural business in the Eastern Ontario village of St-Isidore, who was seeking expansion in the services he provided. He thus founded a propane retail business.

He bought his first truck to deliver propane gas throughout the region. Clients were impressed with the tailored service. Thanks to word of mouth, the business, then made up of the President, a Delivery Agent and an Administrative Assistant, had a smashing success. After its inaugural year, Propane Levac already had 450 clients.

The business has since then grown remarkably. It now has approximately 30,000 clients, as 120 employees are committed to offering an excellent service. Four distribution centres gradually opened, two in Ontario (Perth in 2001 and Kingston in 2007), as well as Montreal and Kazabazua, in the province of Quebec, in 2010.

In 2001 and 2006 respectively, Jean-Marc Levac's two sons, Étienne and Christian, came on board to ensure the family business's passing on.

Since then, the business has never stopped growing. New trucks are added to the fold every year to meet the demand and a new computer system was implemented in 2015 to improve the delivery management.

Proudly Taking Part in Our Regional Economy

From its foundation on, Propane Levac has always been an economic mainstay within its community. Its head office, located in St-Isidore, in Eastern Ontario, is home to more than 75 employees. It has also created numerous jobs in all four of its branches and satellite offices.

Propane Levac also works in collaboration with regional contractors to ensure safety and proper maintenance of its clients' propane facilities. It is also the propane supplier of choice for many Eastern Ontario agricultural entrepreneurs, thus fueling one of the region's main economic engines.

Moreover, it has been a frontline supporter of local sports teams, making it an integral part of its community's development.

Distribution MDC

Founded in 1998 by Mario Chartrand, Distribution MDC became a division of Propane Levac in 2003, specializing in propane tank recycling. The service is mainly aimed at businesses and recycling centres.

A propane tank is legally expired after 10 years. Although the valve can then no longer be used, the tank itself can requalify if it is in proper condition. First, the tank is stripped and repainted. A new valve is then installed. The tank is then set for another 10 year period. If the tank is damaged, it is not eligible for requalification. If such is the case, the propane is recovered and the tank is sent to the metal recycling compound.

Our Products

We offer a complete range of brand new tanks and recycled tanks, with your choice of valve (QCC ou OPD). Here is the complete list.

  • 5 lb propane tank
  • 10 lb propane tank
  • 11 lb propane tank
  • 20 lb propane tank
  • 30 lb propane tank
  • 40 lb propane tank
  • 100 lb propane tank
  • 33 lb aluminium propane tank.

Distribution MDC picks up outdated propane tanks, right where they stand, and manages their delivery for recycling.

Representative: Maurice Frappier
Email: maurice@propanelevac.com
Phone: 1(866) 658-8315